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Our personal life experiences have prepared and motivated us to serve as your guides and advocates.  If you are still healthy, we can help you establish your options and get comfortably prepared for the future.  Most of us hope to pass peacefully, when the time comes, in the comfort of our homes, surrounded by memories and loved ones.  This requires significant advance planning; we take inventory of the specifics of your assets, age and health, projected retirement income, any veteran’s status, and your preferences, comparing your profile with statistical probabilities and our knowledge of national trends and local options.  This helps us develop a plan of realistic options for you.  Our strategic work to preserve your wealth and independence is supplemental to a qualified financial planner; we prefer to function as team members with your financial planner and accountant.  If you are a caregiver of an older loved one, you probably have questions about what care options could be considered or how you can pay for necessary care while preserving family assets and avoiding personal responsibility.  Our staff understands the stress that comes with your devotion.  Through the combined efforts of experienced attorneys and accredited elder care coordinators, we help our clients not only preserve family wealth but also live with dignity.  We’ve been in your situation and understand what you’re going through.  Please take a moment to read our individual stories below.


staff - Marcia Nesbit

Marcia Nesbit


As a child, I was fortunate to enjoy a close, nurturing relationship with my grandparents.  My husband, Dave, and I were both born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which has a strong sense of community.  We valued living near our parents and enjoyed regular extended family time together.  After we relocated to Cumberland County, we made special efforts to preserve those close relationships.  Through our parents’ aging experiences, however, I discovered both the gratification and the difficulties of helping older family members who lived at a distance.

Since earning my B.A. from Swarthmore College, I have had a varied career, working first in county human services as a planner and administrator and then moving into organization management as an Association Executive with non-profit and membership organizations.  I completed intensive business training through the University of Oklahoma’s Institute for Organization Management and took additional coursework in marketing, human resources, and time management.  Through Dale Carnegie training, I developed my interest and abilities in presenting educational programs.

As Keystone’s Client Resources Director, my responsibilities include identifying, researching, and networking with area services that may prove to be beneficial to elders and their families.  Serving as a liaison, I enjoy personal interaction with Keystone’s clients, from gathering preliminary needs information to long-term follow up.  As an avid Jeopardy fan, I understand that asking the right questions is just as important as learning the answers.  Many things in life come full circle.  I’m now a grandmother myself, delighting in this new role and relationship.

staff - Karen E. Kaslow

Karen E. Kaslow, RN, BSN, ECC


In June of 2013, I joined Keystone Elder Law after learning about the firm’s commitment to improving the quality of life of seniors and their families.  Navigating today’s health care system requires a multidisciplinary approach in order to understand the services that are available and the regulations that govern those services.  Sometimes, combinations of services are required to meet the increasingly complex needs experienced by seniors as they age.  Through education and service coordination, we can help individuals and families meet their physical, emotional, social, and financial needs.  My health care knowledge is especially beneficial.

My educational background and training includes a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  My experience in the care of the elderly started while I was still in school, as I worked in an extended care facility as a nursing assistant.  After receiving my degree, I continued to develop my skills through positions on hospital orthopedic and respiratory units.  Subsequently, I moved on to a continuing care retirement community, where I was able to work with individuals in all levels of care from independent living to personal care to skilled nursing.  For me, helping the elderly move through the continuum of care reinforced the importance of compassion, communication, and organization in order to ensure smooth transitions for all involved.  In my twenty plus years of providing nursing care, I was also able to experience home care both professionally and personally as a caregiver as well as extended acute care situations.  My desire is to use my knowledge and abilities to help clients maintain dignity, maximize their potential, and reduce the stress of adapting to changes in their health status.

In my role as Elder Care Coordinator, I enjoy serving as a facilitator of varied services for seniors and their family members as well as a liaison with area organizations that provide services and support.  In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with family.

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