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An Internet Discovery | Keystone Elder Law – Mechanicsburg, PA

As I prepare to write articles and blogs, I often use the internet to expand my knowledge of various topics. Since I know that you cannot trust everything you read on the internet, I am constantly passing what I find through the filters of my professional education and my clinical experience. Recently I discovered a website that I feel is worth telling others about. The site is I found the information they provide thorough and written so non-professionals can understand it. The topics they cover are in a column on the left side of their home page. At the bottom of the column are “Seniors and Aging Topics.” I have decided that they are placed at the bottom because they wanted to save the best for last. As you read through a selected topic you will find related topics listed. This helps to give you a more complete grasp on the subject you are researching. It is worth the time reading the story of the tragedy that is behind Help Guide because it points out that the failure to obtain accurate information can have disastrous results. So, check it out, and see if you do not agree with me that it is great resource.

John Reese
Elder Care Coordinator