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Don’t Let Anyone Con You | Keystone Elder Law – Mechanicsburg, PA

I occasionally receive information about seminars other organizations are presenting. Some of these are for professionals, some are for the public, and some are for both. One that is coming up soon is a seminar by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office on Senior Crime Prevention. Its purpose is to make older people aware of the different kind of scams used by con artists. I am not sure why these people are called con “artists” because there is nothing beautiful about taking advantage of other people. Every year we hear in the news about someone who has lost thousands of dollars to these schemes. By learning how these con artists work you can help yourself from becoming one of their victims. The seminar will cover topics like home improvement rip-offs, foreign lottery schemes, telemarketing fraud, and sweepstakes scams. The session, which is open to the public, is sponsored by Home Instead. It is being held on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at Bethany Village in Mechanicsburg. It is not too late to register to attend. Simply call Kendra Koser at Home Instead (717-731-9984) to let her know you would like to come. There is no charge for the seminar. We are all potentially vulnerable to illegal deceptions, so it is wise to learn how to protect ourselves and our family members.

John Reese
Elder Care Coordinator