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Keystone Elder Law’s Life Care Planning Approach | Keystone Elder Law – Mechanicsburg, PA

Keystone Elder Law was formed to help older individuals and their families/caregivers negotiate the very complex and confusing Elder Care System. To accomplish this Keystone uses a multi-discipline approach. At the core are two elder law attorneys experienced in how to prepare estate documents to meet the unique needs of older people, knowledgeable about how to help veterans and their surviving spouses qualify for VA benefits without jeopardizing eligibility for Medicaid benefits, knowledgeable about how to qualify for Medicaid while preserving assets for family members at home, and with life experiences that have prepared them to emphatically respond to clients and their families/caregivers who are in crisis.

Complementing the attorneys are a Benefits Specialist and two Elder Care Coordinators. The benefits specialist provides hands-on assistance in completing VA and Medicaid applications. The Elder Care Coordinators understand the chronic medical conditions that the elderly typically experience and how their functional abilities are affected by these conditions. They also understand what Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans will and will not cover. They are familiar with the continuum of services available- from in-home care to nursing home care. And finally, because of their experience in the health care system, they are able to advocate and teach families/caregivers how to advocate on behalf of their loved ones.

Keystone did not invent this coordinated approach to Elder Law known as Life Care Planning, but has adopted it as the best way to help older people. While traditional Elder Law firms focus on saving the elder’s money for the next generation without a real plan for the elder’s care, Life Care Planning is a strategy which makes the best use of the elder’s resources to avoid unnecessary expensive care, obtain benefits to pay for needed care, and use legally available opportunities to save taxes and preserve family wealth. Keystone’s goal is to provide peace of mind to our clients and their families/caregivers, and that is why our phone number, 697-3223, spells, “MY PEACE.”