Long Term Care Guide: Essential Tips for Solving the Elder Care Puzzle

Keystone Elder Law P.C. is proud to announce the publication of their book: Long Term Care Guide: Essential Tips For Solving the Elder Care Puzzle. It is a collection of the most informative published articles written by the knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys and Elder Care Coordinator at Keystone Elder Law P.C. 

When an older adult begins to require assistance with activities of daily living, or experiences a healthcare crisis, it can be overwhelming for loved ones. There is much to consider and a family may feel threatened by potential social, emotional, physical, financial, and legal challenges. How do you plan for a loved one’s long term care?  How do you understand dementia? What is Medigap? How do you approach independence and driving with your loved one?  Read about these subjects and so much more in this valuable resource. Navigate the sometimes muddy waters of elder law and long term care with confidence.  Click below to purchase today!

Chapters Include:

  • Introduction and Author Bios
  • Caregiving
  • Care Services
  • Health
  • Government Benefits
  • Legal & Financial Planning
  • End of Life
  • Safety
  • And More!

For every book sold, Keystone Elder Law P.C. will donate $1 to the Alzheimer’s Association.