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Upper Allen Elder Law Attorney

Upper Allen Elder Law Attorney

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Guiding Cumberland County Seniors in Planning for a Secure Future

At Keystone Elder Law, P.C., our dedicated team of qualified elder care attorneys in Upper Allen Township, Pennsylvania, is committed to representing individuals facing unique legal challenges as they age. We understand the complexities that come with aging, such as long-term care planning, estate preparation, and asset protection for your loved ones. With our guidance, we can address these issues and more, providing comprehensive advice tailored to your specific needs.

Comprehensive Elder Law Services by Keystone Elder Law, P.C.

All too often, residents of Upper Allen delay addressing elder law matters until a crisis occurs, leaving them with limited options. That’s why it is crucial to be proactive and seek the assistance of a skilled Pennsylvania elder law attorney before such situations arise. At Keystone Elder Law, P.C., we offer a range of services, including:

  • Estate Planning: A comprehensive Pennsylvania estate plan goes beyond having a will. It includes powers of attorney and similar documents that outline who will make crucial decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated and unable to manage your affairs independently.
  • Long-Term Care Planning: Planning for long-term care is essential. Whether you require nursing home care or wish to remain in your own home with necessary assistance, we provide guidance to help you prepare for these possibilities and determine the best course of action.
  • Medicaid Asset Protection: Many seniors in Upper Allen Township, Pennsylvania, may require government assistance, typically Medicaid, to cover nursing home and long-term care costs. However, Medicaid has strict income and asset limitations. Without proper planning, your valuable property, including your home, could be at risk of government claims. We help you navigate Medicaid asset protection strategies to safeguard your assets.

How Our Upper Allen Elder Law Attorneys Can Assist You

While elder law issues may initially seem overwhelming, you don’t have to face them alone. The elder law attorneys at Keystone Elder Law, P.C., in Upper Allen Township are here to support you. By scheduling an initial consultation, we can understand your unique circumstances and family’s needs. If you choose to work with us, we offer the following services:

  • Addressing your legal queries regarding estate planning and Medicaid.
  • Presenting available options for financing long-term care.
  • Gathering relevant legal and financial documents to facilitate the planning process.
  • Drafting necessary legal paperwork on your behalf.
  • Taking appropriate legal action if you require assistance in safeguarding a parent or adult relative in need.

We recognize that elder law matters often impact entire families and are sensitive in nature. Therefore, we provide a safe and confidential environment to handle these issues. If you seek the guidance of a qualified elder law attorney in Upper Allen Township, Pennsylvania, contact Keystone Elder Law, P.C., today. We proudly serve clients throughout Cumberland County and South Central Pennsylvania.

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Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Approach

Empowering Clients with Holistic Planning at
Keystone Elder Law

At Keystone Elder Law, we believe that the physical, social, legal, and financial considerations of our clients all intertwine. We utilize an interdisciplinary approach to evaluate each area, which allows for the creation of a plan that addresses the concerns of the individual as a whole as well as the family. To this end, our model of practice includes a Care Coordinator (usually a nurse or social worker), whose expertise complements our team of attorneys.

When the road of life is smooth, decisions about legal and financial matters are easy to push aside for “a rainy day.” Planning ahead, however, will allow for more options as you view the map of where you’ve been and where you want to go. Don’t let a crisis limit your choices or derail your plans.

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