The American Bar Association (ABA) explains that elder law is a specialized legal practice area that is focused on “counseling and representing older persons and persons with special needs, and their representatives.” Elder law is comprehensive, covering a wide array of different issues that face senior citizens, caregivers, and their families. In this article, our Pennsylvania elder law attorney provides a comprehensive overview of the key things that are covered by elder law.

An Overview of Specific Legal Practice Areas Covered by Elder Law in Pennsylvania

For aging people and their families, it is crucial that they have a wide developed system of support in place. Elder law helps to address this need—and it encompasses a variety of legal matters. Here is an overview of some of the specific practice areas that fall under the umbrella term of elder law:

Estate Planning

Elder law attorneys help clients with the planning and management of their estates, including the drafting of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other essential documents to ensure that their assets are distributed according to their wishes. Every adult should have an estate plan. Estate planning is especially important for aging adults.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

In cases where an individual may not be capable of making their own decisions, the establishment of guardianship or conservatorship to protect the person’s interests. Guardianships and conservatorships are complicated, and they are covered by elder law.

Medicare and Medicaid Planning

Understanding and planning for healthcare costs, particularly Medicare and Medicaid, is crucial for seniors. Notably, Medicaid is the primary federal support system for nursing home costs and other long-term care costs. For many seniors, a Medicaid plan is essential.

Long-Term Care Planning

The cost of long-term care in Pennsylvania is almost unfathomably high. To protect your assets, a long-term care plan is key. An elder lawyer helps clients with asset protection and wealth management through proper long-term care planning.

Disability Planning

Elder law also involves planning for potential disabilities, including the use of living wills or healthcare proxies to ensure that wishes concerning medical treatment are followed if the individual becomes incapacitated.

Elder Abuse and Fraud Protection

Unfortunately, seniors can be targets for fraud and abuse. An elder law attorney can help put legal protections in place and take action if abuse or fraud occurs.

Navigating an Elder Law Issue

Navigating an elder law issue is not easy. Many of the unique financial, legal, logistical, and medical issues facing seniors are extremely complicated. You and your family do not need to figure everything out on your own. Engaging with an attorney who specializes in these areas ensures that all relevant aspects of the law are considered—thereby providing peace of mind and true security.

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