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Yellow Dot | Keystone Elder Law – Mechanicsburg, PA

I recently learned of a program in Pennsylvania that provides first responders with needed medical information for unconsciousness people in a traffic accident. It is called the Yellow Dot program, and you can get information on this program at . Since older people are more likely to suffer injury in an auto accident, this is a great way to help insure you receive the best medical care. The program has two basic parts, and it is easy to complete. Participants receive a yellow dot to place in the left corner of their vehicle’s rear window. This identifies to emergency responders that you have medical information in your glove compartment. The second part is completing the form that you keep in your glove box. On this form you put the following information: your name, people you want contacted in the event of an emergency, a photo of your head & shoulders (to avoid mistaken identity if you were not in your vehicle when the accident occurred), a brief medical history, a list of your medications, information on your primary care physician, and your hospital preference. It is easy to see how valuable this information would be for emergency personnel treating an unconscious accident victim, and it just might save your life. I imagine some people may hesitate to participate because they do not want anyone to know there is personal information in their vehicle. However, it is always smart to keep your parked vehicle locked, unless perhaps it is in a locked garage, so your personal information will be safe. In fact, for those not used to locking their parked vehicle, it may be good incentive to do so. In any case the Yellow Dot program can help make sure you receive the medical care you need at a time you cannot communicate.

John Reese
Elder Care Coordinator