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Hershey Long-Term Care Planning Attorney

Hershey Long-Term Care Planning Attorney

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At Keystone Elder Law P.C., our Hershey long-term care planning lawyers are skilled, experienced, and compassionate advocates for clients. Our firm works proactively to shield middle-class families from the financial and legal risks associated with getting older. If you have any questions about long-term care planning in Pennsylvania, we are here to help. Contact us today for a confidential initial consultation with a top-tier Hershey long-term care planning attorney. 

What is Long-Term Care Planning?

Long-term care planning is one of the most important—and underappreciated—aspects of elder law. It is about preparing for the care you might need if you become unable to do everyday tasks by yourself. Never assume that long-term care will not be needed. A significant number of older adults end up using long-term care services. It could be due to disability, illness, or simply general aging. Long-term care planning is fundamentally about figuring out how you will pay for the costs. 

Why it Matters: The Cost of Long-Term Care in Pennsylvania is Extremely High

Even relatively short-term or long-term care needs can quickly put an enormous financial strain on a person and their family. For this reason, every older person in Hershey should develop a long-term care plan.  What is the average cost of care? The Pennsylvania Health Care Association (PHCA) reports that the “median annual cost is $113,150” for those who need skilled nursing care. 

As these services can quickly drain savings—and put immense financial pressure on individuals and their families—a comprehensive plan is a must. It can be stressful to plan for future long-term care needs, but there are options available that you can use to protect your assets. By acknowledging the risks, people in Hershey can better prepare themselves and their families for the potential costs. 

Very Important Note: Medicare does not cover most nursing home costs. Instead, it is Medicaid that largely covers these costs. The difference matters. Medicaid is a means-tested program. People have to “spend down” certain assets before they can qualify for coverage. 

We Help People in Hershey Explore All Long-Term Care Planning Strategies

Keystone Elder Law P.C. is a boutique estate plan and elder law firm with extensive experience handling long-term care planning in Pennsylvania. We are committed to helping middle-class people and families protect their hard-earned assets. Our Hershey, PA long-term care planning attorneys help clients with all types of strategies. Some notable long-term care planning options include: 

  • Long-Term Care Insurance: Private long-term care insurance coverage is one potential option. Broadly explained, it is a type of specialized insurance that helps cover the cost of care that isn’t covered by regular health insurance or Medicare. If you have long-term care coverage from an employer, it can be a useful strategy. However, getting individual long-term care insurance coverage can be expensive. It may not be a viable strategy for all people. 
  • Early Gifting: Early Gifting is another strategy we discuss with our clients. This involves transferring assets to loved ones or into a trust well before they might need long-term care. This strategy can help protect assets from being counted against them if they later need to qualify for Medicaid assistance for long-term care. 
  • Trusts: Medicaid-compliant trusts are special legal arrangements designed to protect a person’s assets while allowing them to qualify for Medicaid.  By transferring assets into a Medicaid Trust, these assets are not counted when determining Medicaid eligibility. These trusts must be set up carefully. Our Hershey, PA long-term care planning lawyer can help. 

Why Trust the Hershey Long-Term Care Planning Lawyers at Keystone Elder Law

Long-term care planning is complicated. Trying to navigate the process can be stressful, confusing, and altogether challenging. The right professional support can make a difference. With many testimonials from former clients and a commitment to personalized support, Keystone Elder Law P.C. solves problems. Among other things, our Hershey long-term care planning lawyer is ready to: 

  • Hear what you have to say and answer your long-term care planning questions; 
  • Help you gather, organize, and prepare financial documents and records; 
  • Advise you on the benefits and risks of all available strategies; and
  • Take action to best protect your assets from long-term care costs. 

Contact Our Hershey Long-Term Care Planning Attorney Today

At Keystone Elder Law P.C., our Hershey estate planning lawyer has extensive experience advising people and families on long-term care. If you have any questions about long-term care planning, please do not hesitate to contact us today for a completely confidential consultation. We provide long-term care planning services in Hershey, Dauphin County, and throughout Pennsylvania.

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Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Approach

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At Keystone Elder Law, we believe that the physical, social, legal, and financial considerations of our clients all intertwine. We utilize an interdisciplinary approach to evaluate each area, which allows for the creation of a plan that addresses the concerns of the individual as a whole as well as the family. To this end, our model of practice includes a Care Coordinator (usually a nurse or social worker), whose expertise complements our team of attorneys.

When the road of life is smooth, decisions about legal and financial matters are easy to push aside for “a rainy day.” Planning ahead, however, will allow for more options as you view the map of where you’ve been and where you want to go. Don’t let a crisis limit your choices or derail your plans.

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