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Mechanicsburg Long-Term Care Planning Attorney

Mechanicsburg Long-Term Care Planning Attorney

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Committed to Serving Pennsylvania Seniors and Their Families

As individuals age or face the responsibility of caring for aging parents, numerous legal questions arise. How does one navigate the complexities of Medicaid? What happens to their property and assets during their lifetime? And what estate planning arrangements should be in place for when they pass away?

At Keystone Elder Law, P.C., our experienced New Kingstown elder law attorneys are here to help you find answers to these and many other pressing questions. Our Pennsylvania estate and long-term care planning law firm is dedicated to addressing the unique legal challenges faced by seniors. Whether you are seeking guidance in settling your own affairs or require assistance with a parent or elderly relative’s legal situation, we are ready to provide support.

How Our Kingstown Elder Law Attorneys Can Assist Your Family

Elder law in Pennsylvania encompasses the diverse legal issues affecting older adults in the Keystone State. While some may believe that elder law only pertains to seniors with substantial wealth or complex family situations, the reality is that everyone is impacted by elder law at some point in their lives, whether through direct personal experience or while assisting a family member facing these challenges.

At Keystone Elder Law, P.C., our attorneys can provide guidance in the following areas:

  • Estate Planning: An estate plan is essential for individuals of all financial backgrounds, not just the wealthy. Beyond a will, an estate plan includes documents such as a power of attorney and others that direct the management of an elder person’s financial and personal affairs while they are alive.
  • Long-Term Care Planning: As health declines with age, many individuals require some form of long-term care. This can involve residing in a nursing home or assisted living facility or receiving in-home assistance. We can assist you in developing a personalized long-term care plan that best suits your needs.
  • Medicaid Asset Protection: Medicaid often becomes necessary to cover nursing home care costs. However, for seniors who own property or assets, applying for Medicaid raises concerns. Special measures must be taken to protect assets during the Medicaid application process to avoid potential legal complications in the future.

The Importance of Working with a New Kingstown Elder Law Attorney

The complexities of the legal system often leave seniors and their families feeling overwhelmed. Many individuals believe they must navigate long-term care expenses or estate planning matters on their own. However, you are never alone. Our Kingstown elder law attorneys are here to guide you through every step of the process. We will attentively listen to your story, address your legal concerns, and assist you in determining the best options for you and your loved ones.

If you are in need of an experienced and compassionate estate planning attorney, don’t hesitate to contact Keystone Elder Law, P.C., today to schedule a confidential, no-obligation consultation. We proudly serve clients in Kingstown and throughout Silver Spring Township, offering our unwavering support during your elder law journey.

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Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Approach

Empowering Clients with Holistic Planning at
Keystone Elder Law

At Keystone Elder Law, we believe that the physical, social, legal, and financial considerations of our clients all intertwine. We utilize an interdisciplinary approach to evaluate each area, which allows for the creation of a plan that addresses the concerns of the individual as a whole as well as the family. To this end, our model of practice includes a Care Coordinator (usually a nurse or social worker), whose expertise complements our team of attorneys.

When the road of life is smooth, decisions about legal and financial matters are easy to push aside for “a rainy day.” Planning ahead, however, will allow for more options as you view the map of where you’ve been and where you want to go. Don’t let a crisis limit your choices or derail your plans.

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