Life Care Planning

As a member of the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association, Keystone Elder Law pioneered the concept of Life Care Planning for seniors in South-central Pennsylvania. A requirement to be a member of the LCPLFA organization is the employment of a Care Coordinator. The Care Coordinator assists our clients and their families in understanding the non-legal issues related to elder care.

The presence on the Keystone Team of a Care Coordinator, along with a commitment not to bring lawsuits against care providers or organizations, is of great value in building trust and obtaining accurate information and responsive attention as we advocate for our senior clients. Our advocacy is of great assistance to the individual, to caregiving family members, and especially to the person who has been designated by a Power of Attorney document to act on behalf of the older person.

Life Care Planning is a comprehensive approach that continues after preparation of the Foundational Legal Documents—a Will, Durable Financial Power of Attorney, Durable Health Care Power of Attorney, and Advance Care Directive. Supplemental documents might include a Caregiver Agreement and Asset Protection Trust.

Additional services may include assistance with choosing the best care facility or retirement community to meet the particular needs and financial ability of the client, as well as follow up after move-in to make sure that necessary accommodations have been made to make the adjustment as easy as possible. Services can include spend-down strategies to qualify for public benefits as soon as possible, strategies to cure actions of prior gifting which create potential family liability for future care, help in preparation for the application for Veterans Benefits, and representation in relation to the preparation and submission of an application for Medicaid benefits to pay for nursing care.

Whether your loved one is in an immediate crisis, or is at the threshold of change and you are trying to be proactive to avoid a future crisis, you would benefit from meeting with us to see how Life Care Planning can help to get the best care and save money while managing the long term care needs of your loved one.

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